Welcome to Japan. If any of you are a fan of anime then probably already recognize these statues. I am actually really excited to be posting these. Lets start with the grandfather of all anime Gigantor. which is probably one of the factors that started the Japan culture boom inside america.The Gigantor statute stands a massive 18m tall in the city of Kobe in Japan, which is about 59.06 feet which makes it slightly taller than the Gundam statue.This statue is a tribute to the author of the manga Mitsuteru Yokoyama.
Now on to RX-78 the original gundam which stands in Odaiba in Tokyo at the foot of Mt. Fuji. This statue is 20 meters tall which is around 60ft tall. The statue was made as a promotional art by Bandai . If Gigantor started the Japanese revolution  inside america. Gundam solidified the movement and help push it to where it is today.!5168457/japan-getting-life+sized-standing-gundam

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The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Diego, Me and Señor Xólotl

Most people have seen one of Frida Kahlo painting or the at least know of Frida Kahlo her famous uni-brow and her mustached upper lip self portraits. This is one of her more surrealist paintings. This painting embodies the world, the sun and moon,life and death. All of these are encompassed by the all powerful mother earth  who is the plants and animals. Every thing that makes life on this earth possible.
Frida Kahlo is a highly inspirational  Mexican artist. She painted about beauty and not the everyday idea beauty. The beauty that ever one has even with a few faults. The beauty that is on the inside.

Even though here painting were about beauty they still had a sadness to them. As she painted she held the ideas and what she leaned from being Hispanic.


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Street Art

Street drawings are just a simple child past time no longer, when artist started to create these beautiful multi-dimensioned works of art on ordinary every day streets. The idea of chalk drawings evolved forever. One of the techniques used in this style and my personal favorite is called anamorphic illusion which is when the drawings are done in a special way so that it give a three dimensional felling to the art piece and makes them almost look life like.  This art style was founded in the 16th century predominantly in Italy and originally was called Madonnari. These Madonnari lived the life of vagabond’s. They would travel from city to city following town festivals and living of the money that was made while the painted by passer bys. But sadly during the Second World War this art style suffered and was faced with much adversity because of the war which caused the lack of capability of these artists to actually create there art. However Because of the International Street Painting Festival in Grazie di Curtatone in Northern Italy the art form has been has started to revitalized. Now Madonnari has revitalized and a growing number of artists are carrying on the tradition and expanding on it by introducing new images and using different materials.
All of these where Created by the street artist Kurt Warner. He is one of of the few Critically Excepted street Artist. He use the Anamorphic Style  in his paintings.However for his paints I could not find information on where or when he Painted them.

I Chose this picture specifically for the animals the way that Kurt Wenner drew them makes them look so life like that it almost as if you can touch them.
I just Really liked this painting It shows the tale of Perseus.

Dies Irae which stands for day of wrath.This is another on of my favorite Kurt Wenner paints.
Next Are paints By Julian Beever’s He also uses the anamorphic style but for his paints I choose paints the look to popping off the street instead of sinking in.

This painting  was done in London I really like how it combines the two illusions and it looks like you could either trip over the door or fall in the hole.

The butterfly looks real it was simply amazing. This painting was done in Mexico City.

This one I really liked as well it also use both optical illusions that are associated with the anamorphic style. This paint was done in Paris.

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Edward Hopper painted Night Hawks which is by far his most famous painting which was finished in 1942 in response to Pearl Harbor. This painting to me is a depiction of the loneliness of a big city and the overall gloominess feeling of the 1940’s and also reminds me of hotel California by the eagles mainly because of one line from the song “You can check in any time you like but you can never leave”. In this painting you see empty dark streets of Greenwich Village of New York with the only one gleaming light from the fluorescent lighting of Phillies. As the few people of the painting sit around a bar being served by a man in white at a restaurant with no exit.  As the people sit seemingly in despair. I can’t help but feel that they are all sad and busy confronting their own demons. The man who is sitting alone that all you see is his back. I believe is representation of the countless unmemorable and faceless people who you encounter in the city every day. As for the man and women in red who are sitting next each other just barley touching hands as they sit silently smoking staring into nothingness as they slowly seem to drift apart represents the brief fragile connection that we make with other people. Finally the man in white who I believe is most important as well as the lowest character of this painting. He is trapped in eternal servitude to the other patrons in this painting forever lower trapped behind his counter and forever hunched behind a bar that he will never be able to escape. But without him the others are all helpless and need him to wait on them. He is the small things that people forget to grasp the last shinning hope.
This Paint is one of the most famous paintings of the last hundred years. It has been spoofed countless time in the media and every person has seen it at least once. It has been used in television shows like The Simpson’s, That 70’s show, and CSI have all put their character in side of Phillies.
This painting was also redone by Gottfriend Helnwein Called Boulevard of broken dreams that features many famous dead

celebrities. Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn
Monroe are the couple. James Dean is the loner and Elvis is the soda fountain attendant.,


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The Impressionism artistic style is beautiful. In this work Camille Monet in Japanese costume by Claude Monet. The influence that Japan played upon the art world and the artistic works during the impressionism style is very clear as this image is filled with references to Japanese culture. The way that the girl has the geisha look as well as the dress that the girl is wearing is both connected to Japanese culture. As well as the fans that are scattered throughout the painting that are decorated with images that are also influenced by Japanese culture.
The way that the artist blends and mix colors together to make multiple levels of colors and tones that leaves the painting with a rough and yet stunning appearance. That gives the image of being almost the appearance of it being straight from a hazed dream. The felling of a dream state is furthered as the figure on the bottom of the pretty red hair woman’s dress almost appears to be jumping off. I really enjoyed the look of this painting as well as the impressionism style.
This image from impressionism compared to one from that of a realism style base has many different characteristics between the two different styles. As for this image and style you can notice how they both have a very similar theme but the main difference is in the technique the color of the realist paint is much blander looking as well as being much more blurred then that of the impressionism which gives the realist style its own appeal and beauty.


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The 9th Symphony

The Symphony No.9 in D minor is one of Beethoven’s most famous works as well as his last symphonies composed. Beethoven’s symphonies were performed in concert halls for the ruling and middle class alike. The 9th was no different. When it was fully completed in 1824 it premiered at Karntnertor Theater in Vienna. At the time of it completion Beethoven was fully deaf. The ninth symphony is based on a Schiller’s poem “The Ode to Joy ” which had been a source of interested and inspiration for Beethoven from as early as 1793 when Beethoven first sought to write this composition. This was the start of Beethoven’s musical master piece the ninth symphony. The ninth symphony is probably one of the most famous symphonies performed in the classical era. 
The musical theme of Part IV was not fully written until only a year before the completion of the symphony. Which could possible explain some things about the composition of the Ninths form as well as that Beethoven was deaf during a large part its creation. As you listen you can notice something about the trend to this symphony it almost seems that it is an attempt at embracing a type organized chaos in a truly magnificent way. As each section of the orchestra seems to clash and compete with one another as the composition of the ninth unfolds into something that is unexplainably magnificent. That raises a complex and seemly unexplained mix of emotion that I can only compare to the likes of thunder storm.

All About Beethoven”, 2004-2006.Ver. 5.0.”,

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The Versailles Palace

This Building would be part of the influence of royalty. It was built for and lived in by many members of the royalty of Paris through multiple generations. As well as many important event have taken place in this palace as well. Such as it being the site where the Treaty of Versailles was signed which ended World War I. This building shows the skills and capability’s of human’s to make a monument that can stand the test of time and be examples of human achevment for years. It is a living piece of visual art. The Versailles Palace is a fantastic example of the skill of the artist and architecture mastery of the Baroque period architects. This Lavish wonder was originally ordered to be and built for Louis XIII in 1624 as a simple hunting lodge in the village of Versailles, which is outside of Paris. The small non lavish structure was the base and eventually would be transformed into the future fabulous and lush Versailles palace. Over the next 100 years. The palace was started by an architect named Louis Le Vau he was assisted by the painter Charles Le Brun and decorator Andre Le Notre. In the making of this building nearly 37,000 acres of land was cleared to make room for this palace numerous 1,400 fountains and 400 pieces of sculpture at its finish. In 1676 another architect, Jules Hardouin-Mansart, was put in charge of redesigning and enlarging the palace even further. Hhardouin-Mansart added the second story and built the Hall of Mirrors as well as adding on the north and south wings. The chapel was built last and was finished after Mansart’s death in 1708 by his son-in-law Robert de Cotte. The construction of the Palace of Versailles was finally completed near the end of Louis XIV’s life.

LinkParis,“Palace of Versailles History”,

english-Online, “Baroque Art and Architecture”’

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