The Versailles Palace

This Building would be part of the influence of royalty. It was built for and lived in by many members of the royalty of Paris through multiple generations. As well as many important event have taken place in this palace as well. Such as it being the site where the Treaty of Versailles was signed which ended World War I. This building shows the skills and capability’s of human’s to make a monument that can stand the test of time and be examples of human achevment for years. It is a living piece of visual art. The Versailles Palace is a fantastic example of the skill of the artist and architecture mastery of the Baroque period architects. This Lavish wonder was originally ordered to be and built for Louis XIII in 1624 as a simple hunting lodge in the village of Versailles, which is outside of Paris. The small non lavish structure was the base and eventually would be transformed into the future fabulous and lush Versailles palace. Over the next 100 years. The palace was started by an architect named Louis Le Vau he was assisted by the painter Charles Le Brun and decorator Andre Le Notre. In the making of this building nearly 37,000 acres of land was cleared to make room for this palace numerous 1,400 fountains and 400 pieces of sculpture at its finish. In 1676 another architect, Jules Hardouin-Mansart, was put in charge of redesigning and enlarging the palace even further. Hhardouin-Mansart added the second story and built the Hall of Mirrors as well as adding on the north and south wings. The chapel was built last and was finished after Mansart’s death in 1708 by his son-in-law Robert de Cotte. The construction of the Palace of Versailles was finally completed near the end of Louis XIV’s life.

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4 Responses to The Versailles Palace

  1. Annabelle Roland says:

    Good job on the background and history of Versailles being built. It is a truly amazing piece of architecture from the Baroque period, along with all the art and sculptures that decorate it.

    What is your favorite part about it? The hall of mirrors or the gardens or something else about the palace? I was lucky enough to visit Versailles when I was in high school. It is huge and ornately decorated. My favorite part has to be the Hall of Mirrors.

  2. tboandfriends says:

    You did a great job covering the history behind the building. I wasn’t aware that it had been constructed by a variety of different architects over a period of years. The connection to the royalty is a fairly obvious one.

    The only thing you didn’t cover was why you picked Versailles. It’s obviously an amazing building with gorgeous architecture, but you don’t mention any personal reasons as to why this building in particular.

  3. andr3agi says:

    Supurb job Eric.. Ill give you the bad news first. MLA format and where are the Italics? However, your discription is wonderful, if you could have added why he wanted this built that would have been a plus. You did some great research. Good Job.

  4. Thank You for your description of the Palace of Versailles. I would love to be able to see it in person one day. I found it very interesting that many different people worked on its construction.

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