The Impressionism artistic style is beautiful. In this work Camille Monet in Japanese costume by Claude Monet. The influence that Japan played upon the art world and the artistic works during the impressionism style is very clear as this image is filled with references to Japanese culture. The way that the girl has the geisha look as well as the dress that the girl is wearing is both connected to Japanese culture. As well as the fans that are scattered throughout the painting that are decorated with images that are also influenced by Japanese culture.
The way that the artist blends and mix colors together to make multiple levels of colors and tones that leaves the painting with a rough and yet stunning appearance. That gives the image of being almost the appearance of it being straight from a hazed dream. The felling of a dream state is furthered as the figure on the bottom of the pretty red hair woman’s dress almost appears to be jumping off. I really enjoyed the look of this painting as well as the impressionism style.
This image from impressionism compared to one from that of a realism style base has many different characteristics between the two different styles. As for this image and style you can notice how they both have a very similar theme but the main difference is in the technique the color of the realist paint is much blander looking as well as being much more blurred then that of the impressionism which gives the realist style its own appeal and beauty.



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Hi, I'm Eric Eisel i'm 22 years old and a sophomore this semester in U.A.F. I have lived in Alaska for 12 years in Kotzebue. which is just another boring land locked Alaskan village. Other then that I'm pretty boring to be honest.
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3 Responses to Impressionism

  1. akmerfylou says:

    Oh goodness! The comparison between realism and impressionism is fantastic! I have to agree, I much prefer the bold colors of impressionism. My uncle went on a mission to Japan and always sent bright, beautiful pictures that remind me of this painting.
    -Just one question, when and where were these works painted?

  2. andr3agi says:

    remember dates and sources. But you did a wonderful job in fufilling the question ask to compare, and chosing your move like sytle. The pictures you chose are very lovely it was such a good range to take.

  3. w1nterman says:

    I disagree with you. I do not like impressionism at all. I find the mass array of bright colors to be distracting and almost painful to look at. The severe lack of details that had previously been popular and present in art are just gone which is a step backwards for me. However, you presented the information clearly and concisely, great job!

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