Street Art

Street drawings are just a simple child past time no longer, when artist started to create these beautiful multi-dimensioned works of art on ordinary every day streets. The idea of chalk drawings evolved forever. One of the techniques used in this style and my personal favorite is called anamorphic illusion which is when the drawings are done in a special way so that it give a three dimensional felling to the art piece and makes them almost look life like.  This art style was founded in the 16th century predominantly in Italy and originally was called Madonnari. These Madonnari lived the life of vagabond’s. They would travel from city to city following town festivals and living of the money that was made while the painted by passer bys. But sadly during the Second World War this art style suffered and was faced with much adversity because of the war which caused the lack of capability of these artists to actually create there art. However Because of the International Street Painting Festival in Grazie di Curtatone in Northern Italy the art form has been has started to revitalized. Now Madonnari has revitalized and a growing number of artists are carrying on the tradition and expanding on it by introducing new images and using different materials.
All of these where Created by the street artist Kurt Warner. He is one of of the few Critically Excepted street Artist. He use the Anamorphic Style  in his paintings.However for his paints I could not find information on where or when he Painted them.

I Chose this picture specifically for the animals the way that Kurt Wenner drew them makes them look so life like that it almost as if you can touch them.
I just Really liked this painting It shows the tale of Perseus.

Dies Irae which stands for day of wrath.This is another on of my favorite Kurt Wenner paints.
Next Are paints By Julian Beever’s He also uses the anamorphic style but for his paints I choose paints the look to popping off the street instead of sinking in.

This painting  was done in London I really like how it combines the two illusions and it looks like you could either trip over the door or fall in the hole.

The butterfly looks real it was simply amazing. This painting was done in Mexico City.

This one I really liked as well it also use both optical illusions that are associated with the anamorphic style. This paint was done in Paris.


About eeisel

Hi, I'm Eric Eisel i'm 22 years old and a sophomore this semester in U.A.F. I have lived in Alaska for 12 years in Kotzebue. which is just another boring land locked Alaskan village. Other then that I'm pretty boring to be honest.
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2 Responses to Street Art

  1. I also chose street art for my theme and used Kurt Wenner as one of my artists as well. Julian Beever also has some interesting works, I really like the butterfly drawing, it looks so real. Good job presenting all of the facts for the works, I also found it hard to find some background information on some of Kurt Wenner’s works. Other than that, maybe next time give a little more background information on the artists. Which artist’s work do you prefer more?

  2. kazalvarez says:

    Oh wow! I absolutely love street art! It never fails to astound me. Were I actually there to witness the creation and be there to see the aftermath, I would be completely spellbound. Your research is very well done, excellent work.

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