Welcome to Japan. If any of you are a fan of anime then probably already recognize these statues. I am actually really excited to be posting these. Lets start with the grandfather of all anime Gigantor. which is probably one of the factors that started the Japan culture boom inside america.The Gigantor statute stands a massive 18m tall in the city of Kobe in Japan, which is about 59.06 feet which makes it slightly taller than the Gundam statue.This statue is a tribute to the author of the manga Mitsuteru Yokoyama.
Now on to RX-78 the original gundam which stands in Odaiba in Tokyo at the foot of Mt. Fuji. This statue is 20 meters tall which is around 60ft tall. The statue was made as a promotional art by Bandai . If Gigantor started the Japanese revolution  inside america. Gundam solidified the movement and help push it to where it is today.!5168457/japan-getting-life+sized-standing-gundam


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Hi, I'm Eric Eisel i'm 22 years old and a sophomore this semester in U.A.F. I have lived in Alaska for 12 years in Kotzebue. which is just another boring land locked Alaskan village. Other then that I'm pretty boring to be honest.
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1 Response to GIGANTOR And RX-78

  1. cparks8 says:

    Wow, I don’t know much about anime, but I enjoyed your post. I can’t believe there is really a 18 m tall robot statue in Kobe. Very interesting thanks for you post:)

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