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Hi, I'm Eric Eisel i'm 22 years old and a sophomore this semester in U.A.F. I have lived in Alaska for 12 years in Kotzebue. which is just another boring land locked Alaskan village. Other then that I'm pretty boring to be honest.


Welcome to Japan. If any of you are a fan of anime then probably already recognize these statues. I am actually really excited to be posting these. Lets start with the grandfather of all anime Gigantor. which is probably one … Continue reading

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The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Diego, Me and Señor Xólotl

Most people have seen one of Frida Kahlo painting or the at least know of Frida Kahlo her famous uni-brow and her mustached upper lip self portraits. This is one of her more surrealist paintings. This painting embodies the world, the … Continue reading

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Street Art

Street drawings are just a simple child past time no longer, when artist started to create these beautiful multi-dimensioned works of art on ordinary every day streets. The idea of chalk drawings evolved forever. One of the techniques used in … Continue reading

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Edward Hopper painted Night Hawks which is by far his most famous painting which was finished in 1942 in response to Pearl Harbor. This painting to me is a depiction of the loneliness of a big city and the overall … Continue reading

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The Impressionism artistic style is beautiful. In this work Camille Monet in Japanese costume by Claude Monet. The influence that Japan played upon the art world and the artistic works during the impressionism style is very clear as this image … Continue reading

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The 9th Symphony

The Symphony No.9 in D minor is one of Beethoven’s most famous works as well as his last symphonies composed. Beethoven’s symphonies were performed in concert halls for the ruling and middle class alike. The 9th was no different. When … Continue reading

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The Versailles Palace

This Building would be part of the influence of royalty. It was built for and lived in by many members of the royalty of Paris through multiple generations. As well as many important event have taken place in this palace … Continue reading

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