“Venus and Cupid”

Lorenzo Lotto was a painter during the Reinvention of Rome period. Lotto had a complex and rich painting style that shows the influence of many artist of his time like Raphael as well as Lombard. These influences can be seen in most of his works. Venus and Cupid is an interesting painting because there is no record of this picture prior to 1918, but according to the signature on the painting it was done by the artist Lorenzo Lotto, who was an artist from Venice (the Encyclopædia Britannica).
The concept behind this panting is of Venus and Cupid, which was an enormously popular subject in Venice during the renaissance which was probably where this painting was done. Venus is the goddess of love and the portrayal of commitment, that is why works like these were a very common wedding gift at the time. This painting was probably commissioned for just that and was most likely hung in the house of a new wall off couple as a symbol of their long lasting, loving marriage that will be full of children. This painting is full of images that represent marriage such as the veil that the goddesses has attached to her crown as well as the pearls adorned on in her earrings and crown and the knotted ribbon bracelets are emblems of love, well known from Renaissance poetry. Although Venus is shown in her bower, the red cloth and incense are mentioned in classical poems as proper decorations for bridal chambers.  The roses that are scattered on her body as well as in the foreground were essential features of classical and Renaissance wedding ceremonies (work of art collection database). This piece was interesting with all the hidden messages in this piece make it a highly diverse and interesting piece of art.

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